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Expertise in Luxury:

Our Journey in Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Fix offers expert mobile alloy wheel repairs and custom colour changes in Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience, our team ensures high-quality craftsmanship and convenience. Trust us to keep your wheels looking their best with professional repair and customisation services.

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Our Difference: Convenience, Craftsmanship, and Luxury Focus

At Alloy Fix, led by master craftsman Steve May, we specialise in luxury alloy wheel repairs and custom colour changes. Our mobile service ensures top-quality results and convenience for car owners across Melbourne.


  • Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs: We provide quick, professional repairs for alloy wheel damages.

  • Custom Rim Colour Changes: Personalise your wheels with precision colour change services.

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Rim Repairs

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs in Melbourne

Restore your alloy rims to their original condition with our high-quality mobile service. We use premium epoxies for a flawless finish, ensuring your wheels look as good as new.

Personalised Colour Changes

Custom Rim Colour Changes

Transform your wheels with our custom colour change service. Choose from sleek black to unique custom colours for a standout look that enhances your car’s appearance.

Starting from $1,100 + gst

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A Master in Automotive Restoration and Artistry

Steve May, the creative force behind Alloy Fix, is a renowned car enthusiast and Kustom Painter with over 25 years of experience. Specialising in the complete restoration of vehicles, Steve transforms bare metal into automotive masterpieces, excelling in both classic and luxury cars.

What sets Steve apart from commercial setups is his genuine passion and commitment. Each restoration is a labour of love, earning him a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry. Steve is also a celebrated Melbourne-based painter, known for his figurative artwork.

Choosing Alloy Fix means selecting a craftsman who blends skill, passion, and dedication, elevating ordinary wheels to extraordinary works of art.

Client Reviews

Discover why Melbourne trusts Alloy Fix for alloy wheel repairs and custom colour changes. Read our customer testimonials to see the difference we make


Do We Repair Motorcycle Wheels?

No, Alloy Fix specialises in car rims and does not repair motorcycle wheels.

What Do We Need to Carry Out the Job?

To provide top-quality rim repair, we need a power source, car keys (for wheel rotation), clean wheels (free from silicone or oil), a covered area (let us know if this is unavailable due to weather), and a safe workspace for our crew. Payment can be made upon or before completion via PayID, Card, Cash, or full payment prior to invoicing. Please note that our arrival time may vary due to traffic, and we will contact you when we are on our way.

Do We Repair Cracked or Buckled Wheels?

No, our service focuses on cosmetic repairs only and does not include fixing cracked or buckled rims.

Why Can Pricing Vary?

Pricing varies due to different types of damage and wheel types. Some wheels, like those with machine-facing, can be more complex and time-consuming to work on. We recommend filling in a quote form for an accurate quote.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before I Drive?

After our service, you should wait for about 30 minutes before driving to ensure the best results.

Can Any Type of Rim Damage Be Repaired?

While most types of rim damage can be repaired, severe damages that are more cost-effective to replace than repair might not be suitable for refurbishment. Your best bet is to fill our quote form and upload photo's of the damaged wheels. Take one up close and another of the whole wheel.

How Do I Know If My Rim Is Bent or Cracked?

Bends or cracks in rims can often be identified by a wobble in the steering wheel, a feeling of imbalance in the wheels, or a tyre that constantly loses air.